Free legal advice from a lawyer

Anyone can obtain free advice for a simple legal problem or for a referral, in order to know where to go with a more complex legal problem. If you have a simple legal question, to which a lawyer can give the answer from his general knowledge, you can come here.

Examples of such questions:

- I have received a letter that I do not understand

- my tenancy agreement has been terminated, is that possible?

- I have received a summons, what should I do?

- I received the notification that I can file a civil suit - how should I do this and what can I ask for?

Even if you are wondering whether you should take action in a particular situation, and how to do so, or where to go with a more difficult question, you can call on first-line legal assistance. That service is free of charge.   ‍

If you live in that municipality, you can also turn to the OCMW of the City of Antwerp (Luchtbal, Hoboken and Wilrijk), the municipality of Essen and the municipality of Kapellen. For an overview you can click here. These consultation hours continue every two weeks.

An overview of first-line advice in Turnhout can be found here.

‍An overview of first-line assistance in Mechelen can be found here.