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CAW Antwerpen

Sometimes life doesn't go the way you want it to

You experience difficulties at home, at work, financially, administratively or in your contacts with others.

You have a question or concern. Sometimes friends or family don't know what to do or there is simply no one there... Then we are still there! CAW care providers will work with you to find a solution so that you can find your way again.


Our assistance is free, voluntary and confidential.

We are there for anyone who experiences difficulties, has concerns or has questions.You can contact us individually, but also as a couple or family. Our careproviders listen to the difficulties you experience.


The CAW is closer than you think.

Call 080013 500

Free, even without calling credit.

You will be asked to enter your zip code so that we can connect you to the CAW in yourarea. Every weekday from 9am to 5pm.



Provide the following information: a name (may be a pseudonym), your age, your   and the region where you are staying. A counselor will answer your question withintwo working days. Be sure to also check your spam folder.

Chat via //

Our chatroom is open from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm.

Drop by! You will find the CAW house in your area.


We have a specialized offer for a number of situations

People in a crisis situation can call 0800 25922 after 4 p.m

Forquestions or reports of (intra-family) violence and child abuse, anyone cancall 1712. This is a reporting point where people are listened to and

may be referred.

Victims of a crime or (traffic) accident can contact Victim Support on 03 328 20 30

For questions about homelessness, please call 03 292 3040

For questions about residence and a precariousresidence status, you can contact our refugee team: 03 235 34 05 or 03 32820 20

Detainees (Begijnenstraat detention center) and their families can contact the Judicial Welfare Service, 03 238 59 33